Water Testing

CCIC Middle East water testing laboratory is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable water testing services.

CCIC middle east laboratory for chemical and microbiology testing is accredited in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025:2017 by EIAC (Emirates International Accreditation Centre).2

Our state-of-art laboratory and experienced team ensure exceptional results.

Comprehensive water аnalysis

We offer a wide range of tests to assess water quality including pH levels, contaminants, chemical and microbiological аnalysis.

We provide sampling and testing services for several types of Water samples including Potable and Drinking water, Ground Water (Well water, Pond Water, Sea Water, Swimming Pool water etc.), Waste water (Treated water, Effluent water, Discharge water, Sewage water etc.)

Regulatory compliance testing

Our services comply with national and international standards helping you meet regulatory requirements.

Advanced technology

Our lab is equipped with cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology to ensure accurate and precise results.

Our experienced team are skilled in utilizing the latest testing methods.

Industry expertise

With years of experience, we have served diverse industries, including

Environmental agencies


Manufacturing plants

Agriculture and farming

Food and beverages

Hospitality and healthcare

Oil and gas.

Quality assurance

We follow stringent quality control procedure to maintain the highest standards and our lab participates in external proficiency testing program to ensure accuracy and precision.

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Water testing laboratory

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