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CCIC Traceability is one of the product line of CCIC Group that is created in compliance with the national policies on building product traceability system and improving product quality and public security assurance capability. Based on the model of “Traceability + TIC” (Test, Inspection and Certification), CCIC Traceability is specialized in providing product quality traceability solutions and construction service of traceability system for commodities traded on a global scale, and improving trust-based relationship among government authorities, manufacturers, domestic and abroad traders and consumers.

Since CCIC created the first traceability service for imported commodities in 2010, CCIC Traceability has provided traceability service for thousands of imported goods under 82 categories from more than 30 countries, as well as special products from all over China. Based on the credibility of CCIC and CQC (China Quality Certification Center), CCIC Traceability integrates traceability services and quality assessment & verification activities with the “Internet+” concept, and provides third party evaluation and validation of the origin, quality and relevant attributes of various commodities by on-site verification, commodity test, inspection and certification, factory inspection and other means, backed up by CCIC global commodity traceability cloud platform, worldwide service network and the commodity test laboratory. By using cutting-edge IoT anti-counterfeit and QR code to match the verification information with the commodities, CCIC Traceability offers a well-integrated and efficient commodity track and trace service through the Internet and self-developed global commodity traceability cloud platform.

Why CCIC Traceability?

CCIC’s Authoritative Brand Credibility

Developed nearly 40 years, CCIC has become a comprehensive one-stop service provider for international clients in the fields of quality, safety, health and environmental protection. CCIC enjoys great reputation worldwide and is one of the most influential and comprehensive multi-national inspection & certification organization in China.

CCIC Global Commodity Traceability Cloud Platform

CCIC global commodity traceability cloud platform developed and built by CCIC Traceability is a project with national funding support, which is designed with “Internet+” concept and realize traceability information collection, processing, аnalysis and exploration by leveraging the latest technologies such as, Big Data, IoT, QR code, NFC and etc.

Advanced Product Testing Capabilities

Relying on self-established food, agricultural product laboratories both at home and abroad as well as more than 300 laboratories of CCIC across the world, the quality testing scope and capability of CCIC Traceability can meet the service requirements of various customers both at home and abroad, and lay a solid technical foundation for building “high-quality” traceability services based on TIC model.

Global Reach Service Network

With its subsidiaries in Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Suzhou, Nanjing and Shenzhen as well as CCIC’s more than 400 offices worldwide, CCIC Traceability is able to provide services and implement project cooperation in all provinces of Mainland China, and over 30 countries and regions covering Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.

The Most Cost-efficient Solution

With its own inspection, testing, identification, certification and traceability and other quality service industry chain resources as well as CCIC’s global commodity traceability cloud platform modular service, CCIC Traceability provides “one-stop” commodity quality traceability service solutions to help customers avoid multi-point communication and repeated purchase of services, while save a lot of cost and investment in traceability system construction, to ensure that customers can enjoy the most cost-efficient customized quality traceability service solutions and create superior value for customers.

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Senior Team of Technical Experts

With an expert team of quality management, IT and Internet, project management and anti-counterfeiting professionals while integrating CCIC’s 20,000 professionals in testing, inspection and certification worldwide, CCIC Traceability is able to provide customers with professional, high quality, efficient and excellent quality traceability service solutions as well as relevant informatization construction service.

Our Service


In view of a market full of fake and shoddy products, CCIC Traceability gets rid of the fake ones by means of independent and fair third-party quality verification, improves the transparency through third party traceability. In addition, CCIC Traceability collects, verifies and delivers information like the real origin of goods, processing procedure, product quality, logistics and transportation as well as other properties through product inspection and testing, factory audit certification, products loading supervision, third party supervision on key point according to different product qualities and risks, and CCIC’s global commodity traceability cloud platform so as to provide more objective and detailed data and results for governmental supervision, stronger endorsement of trust for corporate traceability and products, and more comprehensive traceable product information to consumers, so that high-quality products and businesses can win better market recognition and a more orderly market environment may be built.

Commodity Traceability Service Scope:

  • Imported Products
    Overseas pre-inspection, product anti-counterfeiting, quality verification, full-chain traceability, customs clearance assistance, big data аnalysis and etc.
  • Exported Products
    On-site verification, factory audit, quality certification, standard consultation and etc.
  • Domestic Products
    Construction of standard system, evaluation of commodities origin, product testing, product certification and etc.

Service Flow

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