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Technical Expertise

At E&M division, we have technical expertise in various fields such as calibration and inspection. Be it a tiny or major problem, we have our specialist team who can advise the solutions that are available. Together with you, we can troubleshoot, tackle and solve the problems.


In this field, it is really importable to be reliable. Our team has the virtue of being trustworthy and also perform consistently well throughout the years. We are pro-active in handling problems as well as service enquiries.


To provide the highest quality services to each and every of our customers, our team has to stay united at all times. At E&M division, we have frequent team bonding sessions for all our employees to enjoy their time and de-stress themselves. In doing this, we ensure that our employees are closely bonded and willing to go all the way out in helping each other.

Service Excellence

As a service provider, we strive to consistently meet customer expectations or even exceed them. We always deliver industry-leading performance to our customers as we know the importance of the services that we are providing.


Transparency is important in the Inspection and Calibration fields. Results are shared with our customers and advises are given based on these results. Nothing is hidden and being transparent ensures that our customer expectations and our own expectations are fulfilled.


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Our Mission Is To Enable Our Industrial Customers To Operate With Assurance And Confidence, Negating Risks For All Concerned.

CCIC’s Engineering and Measurement Division is a lead Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) service provider. Engineering integrity and measurement assurance of meters, tanks & pipes are key service we provide. Our focus is on Тank farms, Oil & Gas and Chemical Processing plants and terminals.

The engineering integrity of tanks and the dimensional assurance of vessels including pressured vessels are expertly measured and inspected. The proving and calibration of Instruments such as Meters used to measure delivery, loading and batching are professionally calibrated by our expert team of engineers and technical staff. Our customers rely on CCIC’s E&M team to provide timely assessment and measurement of their metering and engineering systems.

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