1 Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, CCIC Middle East and its group of companies (hereinafter called “the Company”) undertakes services in accordance with these general conditions (hereinafter called “General Conditions”) and accordingly all offers or tenders of service, resulting contracts, agreements or other arrangements will in all respects be governed by these General Conditions. The Company, engaged in the trade of survey, inspection, testing, calibration and certification, acts for the persons or bodies from whom the instructions to act have originated (hereinafter called the “Client”). No other party is entitled to give instructions, unless so authorised by the Client and agreed by the Company. Unless explicitly agreed with the Client, all work shall be performed in accordance to the Company’s policies, procedures, applicable industry and international/national standards.
2.1 Test Reports and/or Inspection Certificates are issued by the Company with reasonable care and appropriate skill on the basis of relevant documents, and where and when applicable, samples provided by the Client and in accordance with Client’s specific instructions. Reports and/or Certificates will reflect the facts as recorded by the Company at the time and site location of inspection. For the same commodity, different inspection results issued by the Company or other inspection companies at different time, location or using different inspection methods, technology or instruments, does not in any circumstances whatsoever constitute any legal excuse or reason for lodging a claim against the Company.
2.2 In case the Client requests the Company to perform the services using specific testing methods or technology, the Client shall expressly inform these requirements to the Company. After the Company performs any test(s), inspection and/or surveying and issues Test Reports and/or Inspection Certificates using inspection methods or technology specifically requested by the Client, the Client shall not lodge any claim based on different results obtained by using other testing methods or technology.
2.3 The issuing of Test Reports and Inspection Certificates by the Company does not release the Client from any rights, interests and/or obligations stipulated in the relevant contract. The Company is not subject to or bound by any opposing stipulations.


2.4 Test Reports and/or Inspection Certificates issued by the Company based on samples provided by the Client do not express any conclusion of the Company upon the lot from which the samples were drawn. The Client shall otherwise inform the Company in advance expressly for the arrangement of sampling the whole lot if necessary. 2.5 Should the Client request the Company to witnesses any third party intervention, the Client agrees that the Company’s sole responsibility is to be present at the time of the third party’s intervention and to forward the results, or confirm the process of events occurring, for such an intervention. The Client agrees that the Company is not responsible for the calibration or accuracy of instruments and measuring devices used, the аnalysis methods applied or the qualifications of third party personnel and/or their аnalysis results. Click here to read on more…