Our Expertise

CCIC Middle East and its affiliated companies, offers a wide range of inspection, control and special services to the industry. Within the country and regionally, CCIC has made and continues to make significant investments to its human resources, infrastructure and laboratory equipment so that experienced and well-trained teams of Inspectors, Surveyors, Engineers, Chemists, Auditors and Technicians provide the highest quality services at the utmost speed. The two major attributes CCIC Middle East takes pride and thrives on are:-

  1. QUALITY (to enhance our reliability and the trust customers place on us)
  2. SPEED (we understand that time is always of the essence)

The company’s chief belief is to protect the interests of its principals be it whenever commodities are traded or distributed, or for other specialized services. To facilitate and realise this belief, strict procedures are created and implemented to ensure service techniques adopted are designed to meet customer’s stated and implied needs with accuracy and speed. Additionally we provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to complex trade and quality related requirements of our principals.
CCIC Middle East and its affiliated companies, being in the service industry, values utmost its principal resource – humans! We boast some of the best talents in the industry who provide services to protect your interests, assets, lower your risks and maximize profitability. Our policy is to foster operational and service excellence. This theme is drilled into every employee so that their sole purpose becomes to meet and exceed customers’ requirements, every time.
To demonstrate its compliance to the highest quality and technical assurance, every CCIC office is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and Laboratories to ISO 17025:2017 standards. Additionally our Inspection related activities are either accredited to or in compliance with ISO 17020:2012 standard, thus exhibiting the high standards of technical expertise we practice and our strict compliance to ethical values.


As Independent Inspectors, we use our knowledge and expertise, examine and/or observes commodities, products, services, procedures, or operations, without being dependent to parties having vested interest in the cargo, and for the purpose of providing information to the Principal and/or the Principal’s designees. In simple terms, we pride being the eyes and ears of our customers. We observe and report without any bias. Importantly, we understand the importance of getting it right…., the first time, every time!
As Independent Inspectors, we:

  • Ensure fair trade;
  • Minimise losses for our principals;
  • Enhance trade turnaround;
  • Through un-biased facts, help prevent disputes between seller and buyer;
  • Safeguard the reputations of our principals;
  • Help reconcile cargo losses for our principals;
  • Assist our principals in their investigations on their claims;
  • Provide expertise about the cargo, its components, blends, additives to improve desired qualities etc.; and
  • Suggest improvements or mitigation, so as our principals can realise their trade objectives.


Our laboratories are equipped with the most-up-date and state-of-the-art instruments which allows the lab personnel to perform testing with the greatest speed and utmost accuracy. Every laboratory covers a comprehensive range of tests for the products being handled in that region, so as to provide an one-stop service with a full test scope.
The laboratory can offer competitive pricing (able to offer good discount for larger volume of samples and contract terms). The laboratory complies to Industry Standards, Ethical Practices, Health, Safety and Environmental Regulatory Requirements.
Our laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 Accreditation.