Integrity and Impartiality – though linked in many ways – are the foundations on which the Company conducts its businesses. Whilst integrity is about adherence to moral and ethical principles, impartiality is the principle of making decisions based on objective criteria, rather than on the basis of bias, prejudice, over-familiarity, or preferring the benefit to one party over another for improper reasons.
All the Company’s services are provided in a professional, independent and impartial manner, honestly and in full compliance with applicable industry and international standards, practices, approved procedures and policies. We never give in to any type of pressure from our customers to compromise on our integrity principles.
All findings and results are documented accurately and will not be improperly changed. Where approved methods make provision for tolerances in results, we will ensure that such tolerances are not abused to alter the actual findings. We will report data, test results and other material facts in good faith, and shall only issue reports and certificates that correctly present the actual findings, professional opinions or results obtained.
All financial and other Company related transactions are properly and accurately recorded with all book entries supported by proper documentation issued by bona fide parties. All records are retained in accordance with applicable laws and Company policies.
The Company, through the following values, aims to demonstrate its ethical conduct.

  • Adhering to ‘Integrity and Impartiality’ principles
  • Identifying and avoiding ‘Conflicts of Interest’ at all levels within the organization
  • ‘Countering Bribery’ and ensuring businesses are not procured and conducted based on any ‘Improper Advantages’
  • Providing a ‘Positive Environment’ to all our staff that is conducive to conducting business and allowing individuals to excel, be creative, take initiatives and be accountable for their actions
  • Strictly ‘Complying with Laws and Regulations’ that are applicable to our business
  • Observing obligations of ‘Confidentiality’
  • Abiding to ‘Fair Marketing’ principles when presenting information about the company to customers

Additionally our Laboratories practice a strict “Data Integrity Policy” in order to conduct testing business morally and in full compliance with the company’s Code of Ethics Policy. To this effect the Laboratory management will ensure that all their staff:-

  • are honest in all dealings with clients, suppliers, fellow employees and the company
  • are fully committed to generate reliable data that is, accurate, complete and timely
  • are completely accountable for the integrity of data including generation, recording, reporting and retention
  • understand the importance and potential legal issues of the data produced in the Laboratory
  • are free from improper or undue influence when generating, handling and reporting data; and
  • are obligated to report situations of improper influence or of data misrepresentation immediately to Laboratory management


A compliance program is designed to identify and reduce the risk of breaching any elements of our ethical code and to remedy any breach that may occur. We believe that a successful compliance program will facilitate compliance within the organization and help the company to become or remain a good corporate citizen.
Through the following avenues, CCIC Middle East achieves its compliance.

  • Culture of the Company and its beliefs
  • Appointment of Compliance Officer
  • Establishment of a Compliance Committee
  • Assuring Employee commitment
  • Training
  • Consultation on Code development
  • Employee Guidance
  • Reporting of violations
  • Periodical Internal audits